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Work and Leisure at San Diego RV Resort

Work + Leisure = Full-Time Rving Bliss

Live your dream at San Diego RV Resort.

RVing has never been hotter, not only among retirees and casual travelers but among an increasing number of individuals who are part of the growing trend often referred to as “bleisure” (ie business + leisure).

In a recent story on the “Bleisure” movement, CNN notes that work travel is emerging as a lifestyle rather than a necessity for some people according to a 2015 trend report by travel website Skift.  In fact, given the rise in businesses that support mobile commuting and the technological advances that make it possible, more and more individuals are able to turn their RVs into offices on wheels and explore the country while continuing to make a living.

One couple at the forefront of this trend is Jim Nelson and Rene Agredano who took their expertise on the road full-time nearly a decade ago. Dubbing themselves “location independent entrepreneurs” ( the duo has developed multiple revenue streams to support their lifestyle, and created the Live. Work. Dream. website dedicated to helping others who want to blend work with full-time nomadic travel.

In addition to offering detailed information on how to plan and budget for full-time RVing along with insight into workamping, seasonal employment and various other remote jobs, the site also features an in-depth overview of the modifications, equipment, and enhancements Jim and Rene have made to their own RV.  Most notable are such additions as…

Meanwhile, Heath and Alyssa Padgett have perfected the art of full-time RVing by working on the road via Heath’s top-ranked travel podcast RV Entrepreneur Podcast, a software startup, and a production company.  In a recent episode of the podcast, Heath sat down with with Michael Boyink from Ditching Suburbia to discuss 3 examples of careers you can do while full-time traveling that don’t have anything to do with technology; how Michael discovered his niche of freelancing; the difference between passive income and delayed income; how Michael has made up to $20k/year from his self-published book alone; etc.  You can access the entire podcast here.

These are just a few of the individuals making this lifestyle work for them and are proof positive that a proper work/life balance is key to happiness!   Come and experience bleisure at its fullest in 2017 at San Diego RV Resort where easy access to the very best San Diego has to offer makes it perfect for your business and pleasure needs!