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I was never one to venture out when growing up. I stuck close to home. Going farther than my friend’s house was an adventure for me. He only lived 15 houses down, but that bike ride seemed like I was going across town. Even my parents traveled no farther than across town. Guess you could call us boring, but that is how we liked it and until I grew up and got married that is how it stayed.

San Diego Zoo in California

The San Diego Zoo is one San Diego attraction we want to see when staying.

When I hit my thirties, I was bound and determined to travel. I made it my new years resolution to get out of my bubble and see other states and regions. I remember the day it hit me when I stopped off at my local RV dealer. That shiny 2017 class C motorhome was calling me, and it just sparked something inside of me that I can’t describe. I brought the family down to the dealer the next day, and that night we drove out of the dealership as RV owners.

Living in Arizona offered us a lot to see and do on our first trips as new RV owners. We traveled to the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert and of course the Four Corners. Each adventure pushed us further and further away from home. The kids loved it; I had never seen my family bond like we did while traveling in the RV. They explored nature and rode bikes till the sun went down. After fastening a flashlight to their tiny handlebars, they rode them even more. I told my wife next summer we are going to California and taking a trip that would give us memories for the rest of our lives.

I remember getting home from our last RV trip and starting my research for the California Summer Escape, as I liked to call it. While doing a search for RV parks in San Diego, I came across so many great locations. Basecamps that would serve as our ticket to the coast. Both my wife and I had never been to the coast, so this was going to be extra special. I quickly found the RV resort that had everything we needed, plus a little bit more. The summer couldn’t come soon enough, and our kids were already dreaming of the beach.

RV resorts in San Diego

Our family coming out of Arizona on the way to San Diego.

Finally, summer arrived, and we had set off on a journey to Southern California. The Class C RV packed to the gills. I was sure we’d lose a beach chair on the trip as I had haphazardly strapped them to the roof of the family RV. My wife kept searching for RV parks in San Diego as we cruised down the interstate eight freeway. I had already done my RV parks in San Diego search, so I knew exactly where we were headed. That 8-hour drive proved quite the adventure. Along with the usual, “are we there yet’s” and “I need to go to the potty,” we had some other new adventures. I finally got to try out my tire changing skills in the RV as we caught a flat just outside of Yuma. My wife kept telling me to call the roadside guy. However, I was determined to do it myself.

I could feel us getting closer to our destination. The lonely two-lane freeway turned into a four lane traffic jam. You could also feel the air turn cooler, cooler than I have ever felt before. Interstate 8 had led the way, and finally, I could see the sign off in the distance. My wife, doing her constant search for RV parks in San Diego came across the same location as me, San Diego RV Resort located in beautiful La Mesa, California. I pulled off the freeway and slipped right past the gates. We had arrived, and as we all stepped off our motorhome and surveyed the resort, the family knew San Diego RV Resort was going to be the perfect place to have a kick butt summer vacation.


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