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San Diego RV Resort has partnered with Everyday California to provide you with amazing water sport experiences and tours in San Diego. This is your chance to experience one of the most unique coastline spots in the world. La Jolla Sea Caves and Ecological Reserve is one of the largest tourist attractions in San Diego and the kayak tours and snorkeling adventures is an absolute must. Play in the water and observe sea lions, sea turtles, harmless leopard sharks, dolphins, garibaldi fish, and even gray whales.

When you stay with us you get an amazing discount to all of the action Everyday California has to offer. Grab a paddleboard, surf board, snorkel equipment, or a kayak and go off on your own adventure. See exclusive rates below brought to you by San Diego RV Resort only.

Ask the front desk for the discount code upon making your reservation and call the number to book your tour today!

Price Guide for Activities

La Jolla Sea Cave Kayak Tour: Year Round – (90 minutes)
Original Price: $100/Double Kayak | Sunland Price: $35/person

Kayak & Snorkel Tour: March – September (90 Minutes)
Original Price: $120 Per Double Kayak | Sunland Price: $50/person

Whale Watching Kayak Tour: December – February (2 hours)
Original Price: $120 Per Double Kayak | Sunland Price: $50/person

Leopard Shark Snorkel Tour: June – September (60 minutes)
Original Price: $50/person | Sunland Price: $35person

Stand Up Paddleboard Rental: 2 hours
Original Price: $40/board | Sunland Price: $20/board

Call Everyday California at (858) 454-6195
Visit their website here:

Photo Gallery of Activities

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Located in La Jolla California

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