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Football is back and so is NFL fever. From fantasy football drafts to last-minute trades, to the first regular-season game with the Ravens vs the Broncos, Americans are thrilled to have their heavy-hitting, tailgate-inspiring game back!

In America’s Finest City, that means watching Phillip Rivers, Antonio Gates, and newcomer (and headline maker) Manti Te’o take on AFC and NFC foes in Qualcomm Stadium. Thanks to the open-air stadium and San Diego’s year-round beautiful weather, there are few NFL fields that rival the enjoyable Qualcomm Stadium.

SDRV guests are in luck. With direct access to the MTS Trolley, our guests can hop right on, ride right to Qualcomm Stadium, and walk right into the game. No traffic necessary!

So whether you’re a San Diego Chargers fan, a fan of a visiting team (any Dallas Cowboy loyalists here), or just a fan of the sport itself, don’t miss out on the 2013-2014 NFL season at Qualcomm Stadium.

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